Piper, originally named Lindsay, was a Glenner, being a member of Group B. She was named after Henry Beam Piper.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lindsay was born in a small village, along with her older brother, Joseph, whom she was close with. The village was where their parents tried to protect their kids from the Flare outbreak. They were the only few survivors from the village, staying in hiding for a bit. When Joseph was seven and Lindsay was six, they were discovered by WICKED, where their parents were killed while the kids hid in their parents' room. WICKED found them, noticing their father's books that were written by Henry Beam Piper, thus, the two kids were given the names Henry and Piper for their tests as they were taken away.

Life with WICKED Edit

Newly-named Piper, also known as Subject B20, was separated from her brother, not being able to see him, as they were split up by gender. There, WICKED did many tests on Piper, studying and observing her and her brain. At the WICKED facility, she befriended some other girls with new names as well: Sonya, Lillie, and Rachel. Rachel and Piper got very close during their time with WICKED. It was through Rachel and her friend, Aris, that WICKED was planning on doing a Maze Trial in order to study multiple brain activities all at once. Unsure of the idea, Piper did not protest, but wondered if it was a good idea.

WICKED sent a bunch of girls, which included Harriet, Sonya, Beth, Maeve, Esther, Gwyneth, Cora, Jane, Emily, and Mary, to go up in the Maze. For two years, Aris and Rachel watched the girls in the Maze for WICKED, letting Piper join in at times to watch as well. When it was Piper's turn to go up, Rachel assured her that it would all be okay and that she'd see her again, even if neither of them remembered each other.

Group B's Maze Edit

Piper woke up inside a Box with no memories whatsoever. She arrived in a giant field, surrounded by a group of girls. One girl named Beth pulled her out of the Box, resulting in Piper slapping her across the face. Harriet, the leader, came to Piper's aid and calmed her down, telling her about the place that was known as the Glen. There, they ate, slept, and worked together as one. Harriet explained the rules to Piper by telling her to do her job in the Glen, never harm another Glenner, and to next go beyond the Walls. Piper agreed to these rules and was introduced to Sonya, Harriet's Second-in-Command. She told Piper about all of the jobs and buildings in the Glen and that night, she told Piper about the Maze and how the Runners went inside for two years, memorizing and mapping out the Maze before the Doors close for the night, as no one had ever survived a night in the Maze. With the Doors closed, the Glenners were safe in the Glen. Before the night was over, Piper heard an unearthly sound coming from the Maze.

The next morning, Piper met Esther, the Keeper of the Builders, where she was taken to the Wall to carve her name in the stone, along with the other Glenners. When Piper noticed some names crossed out, Esther replied with it meant the Glenners were deceased. Maeve, the Keeper of the Runners, and Claire, a fellow Runner, prepared to go in the Maze and Piper watched as they ran inside once the Doors opened. Throughout the day, as a Newbie, Piper began her first job to see where she would fit in, starting with being a Cutter at the Blood House. She began to notice the relationships between the Glenners, seeing who liked who and how he workers of each job connected with each other. Later that day, Piper sliced her hand, forcing her to go get it fixed. In the Homebase, she met the sassy-mouth Gwyneth, the Keeper of the Medics, who fixed up her injury, telling her that what they had in the Glen worked and that things would get better for Piper.

Throughout the week, Piper attempted many jobs, not really fitting in with any of them. While eating with the Planters, Piper took notice of Lillie, a mute who showed up to the Glen one month before Piper. The other Glenners told Piper her job as a Bagger and that she tended to mind her own business, mostly because she never talked ever since she arrived. Piper was intrigued by Lillie and worked with her when the time came for Piper to try out being a Bagger. Despite the fact that Lillie didn't talk, the two got along with each other. Two days later, after a Meeting was held by Harriet, Sonya, and the Keepers, Piper was officially a Bagger.

Later, as Piper was getting used to the Glen and being a Bagger, she experienced some problems with Beth, a Builder, a Glenner who had been in the Glen for two years and who also seemed to have issues with other Glenners, more specifically, Esther, for taking the place as Keeper of the Builders away from Beth. On the way to get some lunch with Cora, Beth attempted to start a fight with Piper, who was not afriad to back down. Harriet intervened, getting the girls to break up their bickering, which they do so.

While ranting to Lillie about Beth in the Deadheads, Sonya showed up, leading into a new conversation with Sonya. When Piper asked about a comment that Cora made earlier about something called "Grievers," Sonya explained to Piper about how they lived in the Maze and the incidents they had caused in the past. Rose, formerly a Glenner, was the first to be stung by one, who got the Grief Serum, which only made it worse, causing her to hurt other Glenners and for Harriet to put her out of her misery. Beth was next, getting the Grief Serum as well, but she survived, only going through what was known as the Changing, which had Beth in constant pain for a while. Piper suspected she was hiding something, but Sonya dismissed that idea.

After the three got back to the Glen, Claire came running by, so Sonya asked where Maeve was at. Confused, Claire assumed Maeve was back, worrying the girls. Maeve made it back in the nick of time just before the Doors closed for the night. She went after Claire, accusing her of being left behind in the Maze. Harriet intervened, deciding to place Maeve in the Slammer for the night and to hold a Meeting tomorrow with the Keepers and the Glenners. At the Meeting, Maeve and Claire were put on trial and told their sides of the story, where Claire claimed that Maeve left her, while Maeve stated that Claire attacked her and ran off, thinking that if Maeve didn't make it back before the Doors closed, then Claire would be the new Keeper of the Runners. The Keepers decided to suspend them as Runners for four days, keeping them in the Slammer for their punishment, much to many protests from others.

After their suspension is over, Maeve and Claire got out of the Slammer, needing to work on their Maps in the Map Room. Later that day, Claire went inside the Maze and eventually came back with Sonya and Jane, who found Claire in a painful state. It was revealed that she had been stung by a Griever, resulting in Gwyneth giving her the Grief Serum and Claire having to go through the Changing. Maeve talked to Piper and Lillie about Claire and about finding a way out, with Maeve promising them that she would find a way out soon.

A month had gone by since Piper showed up. Claire had recovered from the Changing. The alarm from the Box went off, signaling the Glenners that a Newbie was about to come up. The Newbie's name was Rachel, who had a fascination with the Maze, wanting to know more about it. At the bonfire, Rachel's curiosity only got worse. Beth and Rachel had a row in the Fight Circle, resulting in Rachel embarrassing Beth and then hearing the Grievers from the Maze. The next day, Claire attacked Rachel, but was stopped by Lillie. Claire was taken to the Slammer, then Rachel and Piper talked about Claire's situation. Rachel told Piper that Claire accused of Rachel for being put up in the Glen, but neither of them knew how it could be Rachel's fault. The Keepers came to the agreement to have a Banishment for Claire, as her actions were unacceptable. Just before the Doors closed, Claire's Banishment was held, leaving her in the Maze.

Harriet and Maeve went out in the Maze the next day, going to retrace Claire's steps from where she was stung at. While it was raining, Rachel was concerned that Harriet and Maeve weren't back, but Sonya assured her that they would make it back. Just as the Doors were about to close, Maeve was in the view of the Glenners, but she was struggling to carry Harriet back to the Glen. Before the Doors were shut, Rachel ran out to help them, but got trapped in the Maze with Harriet and Maeve, the three stuck there. This upset the Glenners, leading them to sleep outside the Doors that night. The next morning, the three made it back to the Glen alive, stating that Rachel killed a Griever.

Once Harriet was settled in for the Changing, since she was stung by a Griever, Sonya held a Meeting. Beth wanted to hold a Banishment for her actions, but Maeve came to her aid, wanting to make her a Runner. There were many protests, but before they continued on, the alarm went off, making everyone confused and curious. The Glenners were shocked to see that the Creators sent up, finding out that it was a boy. In his hand, there was a note: "He's the last one. Ever." For a brief moment, he woke up, stating that, "everything is going to change." He also noticed Rachel before passing out again.

While settling the boy with the Medics, the Glenners wondered if they needed to be worried. Maeve and Rachel took Piper, Lillie, Esther, and Jane inside the Maze, leading them to the dead Griever. They found a device inside of it, ripping it out and taking it back to the Glen for Sonya to look at. Everyone came to the conclusion that it was some object created by WICKED, the name that was on all of their supplies and device as well. Beth was under the assumption that Rachel was trying to bend the rules, wanting her to be punished. Sonya came to the choice that Rachel would be locked in the Slammer for the night, then would begin being a Runner the following day, enraging Beth. While visiting the boy, Piper watched him, then we woke up, having a freak out and ran to the treehouse, throwing fruit at the other Glenners. Rachel came in and went to talk to him. That night, Piper overheard Esther talking to Rachel, making her promise to get the others out if she didn't make it out of the Glen, so Rachel promised. Piper brought Rachel some food and water, talking about the boy, which Rachel said his name was Aris. Piper asked Lillie about Maeve and Rachel finding a way out, which Lillie stated her opinion for the first time.

After a small chat with Lillie the next morning, Piper and Aris officially met while visiting Harriet. A rumbling noise came from the Maze, confusing everyone. Maeve and Rachel came back to the Glen, informing everyone that they found what was known as a Griever Hole and potentially a way out. Beth protested at this, making Rachel confront her about not finding anything for the last two years, hiding in the Glen. Harriet woke up later, telling some of the Glenners that she saw Rachel and that she was one of WICKED's favorites, also making Beth tell the girls that she saw Rachel as well. That night, the Doors didn't close, letting the Grievers cause chaos in the Glen. Many deaths were caused, including Mary, Amelia, and Esther. Rachel, with no other option and needing to know the truth, stung herself, passing out in the process.

The next morning, everyone dealt with the aftermath of the massacre, cleaning up the Glen. Piper went to the Deadheads and dug up graves for the ones that were killed last night. She vowed that none of them died for nothing and she would avenge their deaths. Rachel woke up from the Changing, revealing that WICKED put them through tests and challenges, then sent a bunch of girls to the Maze, then one girl a month. She also stated that her and Aris helped build the Maze. Harriet and Sonya informed her that Beth had taken over and that she was planning a Banishment for Rachel and for those who wanted to join her. After some words from Lillie, some of the Glenners form a plan to leave.

Some of the Glenners attacked Beth and her crew, with Rachel giving a speech about not being able to stay in the Glen. Some of the Glenners, including Gwyneth, Cora, Jane, and Helen, all joined Rachel, leaving Beth and some others in the Glen as the rest left inside the Maze. At the Griever Hole, they fought off some Grievers, resulting in a few deaths as Maeve entered in the Maze sequence, letting them escape into a lab, where they found bodies on the floor, the entire room messed up. It was discovered that WICKED had been watching them for the two years. A video started to play with a woman on the screen, her name being Doctor Ava Paige. She told the story about the Flare, a virus that scorched the world and there was no cure for it, which WICKED realized that there was a new generation of survivors: the Glenners. She revealed that their Trials were only just beginning, then saying that "WICKED is good" before shooting herself in the head. An abnormal Beth showed back up, revealing that she stung herself again, telling the girls that they all belonged in the Maze. She threw a knife at Rachel, with Piper trying to step in the way, but Rachel stopped her, taking the knife to her chest. While dying, Rachel told Piper to get the others out, but Piper protested this. Rachel thanked Piper for being her friend and then took one last breath before her life ended. While the others mourned, men with guns and black suits came and got the girls, taking them in helicopters, telling them that "everything is going to change" while looking over the Glen and the destructive world below them.

Post-Maze Edit

While sleeping, Piper dreamt about Rachel, who thanked her for being her friend and wanted her to be let go. Aris woke Piper up, where they were taken inside a facility by soldiers. There, Aris informed Piper that some of their friends were taken to another facility, including Harriet, Sonya, Maeve, Gwyneth, and Lillie. Piper was enraged by this, but is stopped by a man named Janson before she could've done any harm. While Janson assured the kids that they were safe from WICKED, Piper did not seem too convinced. She grew worried as Aris was taken by other doctors. Janson talked to Piper alone, asking her about WICKED and what she remembered. Janson explained to Piper about being used as a test subject to WICKED, trying to tell her how safe she was now from the outside world. Despite this, Piper wondered if she and her friends were really better off where they were at.

The next morning, Cora and Jane were taken by Janson during breakfast. Aris was still nowhere to be found. While being watched by soldiers, Piper began to feel more uneasy. Helen, a former Glenner, snapped at Piper for her suspicions, which caused Piper herself to lunge for Helen. While a soldier grabbed her, Piper managed to snatch his keycard. At lunch, Piper was reunited with Aris, where they talked about his experience with WICKED so far. Janson took Helen and Kelsey next, which worried Aris and Piper more. By that night, more kids arrived at the facility, coming to the conclusion that Piper's Maze was not the only Maze WICKED created. Janson took more kids at dinner to what was known as the "Safe Haven," but was only able to take so many at a time.

That night, under her bed, Piper found the entrance to the vents. She took that way and climbed down to the hallway. She found a room with files, pulling out a few, which had information about her friends, including Sonya, Esther, Aris, and even herself. Each file had a subject name, their real name, age, blood type, any siblings, and "Flare status," which Piper was Immune. She was caught by Janson, who acted calm and avoided her questions about what she found. It was then Piper realized that Janson was a vital reason as to why they had to escape the facility. The next night, Piper told Aris what she found. Both were confused, and Aris told Piper that he thought he found something, but wasn't too sure yet.

After a week at the facility, Piper noticed that all of her friends, except Aris, had been taken and never returned. On the seventh night, a new group of kids showed up, all boys and one girl. At dinner, Aris told Piper about the pattern he had noticed for the last week. He told her that there wasn't a Safe Haven and that he intended to show her that night. Once everyone was in bed, Aris took Piper and a new friend, Thomas, in the vents and showed them the doctors taking bodies to another part of the facility that was blocked off.

The next morning, Aris and Thomas explained a plan to Piper that would be executed that night. There was an obstacle in that plan as Janson called Piper's name to be taken away from the others. Piper reluctantly went with him and the other kids, where she attacked a doctor and snuck away. Using a keycard, she entered the blocked section, finding Grievers and the bodies of kids, including her friends. Piper realized that they were still in the hands of WICKED. She left to go find the others, overhearing a conversation between two soldiers about Dr. Paige still alive and about a resistance army in the mountains called the Right Arm. She was caught and attacked the soldiers, getting away, running into Aris and one of Thomas' friends, Winston. The three ran away, but Piper lost them in the process. She found Thomas and his friends, going with them to get Teresa, the girl from their Maze. The group prepared to leave when they were caught by Janson, but Aris and Winston came back for their aid, resulting in everyone escaping WICKED.

Everyone got inside an abandoned building, where Thomas explained about what they saw and about the Right Arm in the mountains. While looking around for supplies, Cranks, the ones past the Gone with the Flare, ambushed the group, having them to escape. In the midst of escaping, Lillie and Maeve showed up, saving Piper from a Crank. Winston ended up getting scratched up, resulted in being injured. The next day, Lillie and Maeve explained the Right Arm invading the WICKED facility they were at, but split up with their friends. The group began their hike in the Scorch, where Winston collapsed and forced the others to take shelter. Aris told Piper about his time with WICKED, where they gave him his memories, including ones with Piper and Rachel in them. Winston tried to kill himself, telling the others about his infection. Frypan, Newt, and Minho, friends of Thomas, say their goodbyes to Winston as everyone left, hearing the sound of Winston shooting himself from the distance. That night, everyone worried about how easy it would be for people to get infected. Aris told Piper that he trusted her and she told him the same before going to sleep.

The group traveled far the next day. By that night, everyone got caught in a storm, taking shelter in another building not too far from them. There, they met Brenda, Aurora, and Jorge, who found the kids valuable for coming from WICKED. It was also revealed that Gwyneth was there as well. Piper and Maeve were the only ones allowed to see her. Gwyneth explained to the two that she was split up from the others as well during the invasion and was useful here for her Medic skills back from the Glen. Jorge then told Brenda and Aurora, overheard by the girls, that with the kids, the Right Arm wouldn't be able to turn them away. WICKED came back to take the kids, but everyone escaped, still resulting in the group being split up. Aurora led Piper, Gwyneth, and Maeve into the Scorch, where they found Jorge and the others. Jorge led the others into a party, crashing it and getting Thomas and Brenda. There, Marcus was beat up by Jorge, being interrogated as well about the Right Arm. It was revealed that WICKED wanted Immunes, so Marcus lured them in and got them drunk while WICKED took care of the kids. He also told them that Right Arm was in the mountains, result in Jorge taking Bertha, Marcus' car. On the way there, Piper was wondering about her feelings for Aris, which Lillie noticed.

When the group got near the mountains, they were blocked off by cars. Everyone decided to take the rest of the trip on foot. Before the trip started, everyone is ambushed. Two girls showed up to take the group, but that changed when the girls revealed to be Harriet and Sonya. With a reunion, the two took the others to the base of the Right Arm and told the rest of the ones from their Maze that they were the only ones left from the Glen.

At the base, they met Vince, who was not convinced that everyone was Immune. There, it was revealed that Brenda was infected while her and Thomas were by themselves. Before she was about to die, a woman, Mary Cooper, took her and Thomas to a tent to get treatment for Brenda. The others got food and water and caught up with what was going on. While Aris and Piper talked about their feelings that night, WICKED came to the base and began to fire at everyone. Dr. Paige and Janson showed up, where it was revealed that Teresa was the one who called them. Mary attempted to stand up to Dr. Paige, but was shot and killed by Janson. Enraged, Thomas threatened to kill everyone, wanting to end it all. Before he pressed the button for the bomb, Jorge, Brenda, and Aurora intervened, beginning another fight. While trying to go take cover, many of the Immunes were taken, including Minho, Sonya, Lillie, Maeve, and Aris, who gave her a kiss before being taken, revealing his true feelings for her. Everyone watched as WICKED took Teresa and the Immunes away on the Berg.

The next morning, the rest of the Right Arm and the other Immunes packed up to leave, but Thomas, determined to get Minho back from WICKED, which Vince thought was a suicide mission. However, Thomas convinced the others that WICKED had took everything from them. Piper joined the fight with Thomas, knowing her feelings for Aris and knowing that she had to get her friends back. Vince and the others joined Thomas, who planned to kill Dr. Paige.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Piper is portrayed by Australian actress Caitlin Stasey, known for her role as Lady Kenna in the CW show Reign, as depicted on the cover of all three books and throughout the trilogy.
  • Piper is the first character that xonceuponatimex has killed off from a story. Originally, she wasn't going to die, but xonceuponatimex changed her mind after watching Maze Runner: The Death Cure in the theater.
  • The characters Esther, Maeve, Aurora, Gwyneth, and Lillie were all created by xonceuponatimex's close friends: harmonyrules, -daisyqueen, microwavedcoffee, and reloading-.

Appearances Edit

  • Strange Atmosphere (First appearance)
  • Wicked Atmosphere
  • Deadly Atmosphere